Public art spaces have been around for a while. A good example of this,
is one I visit every month called “The platform gallery” in Degraves Street
Subway under Flinders Street Station. Every month various artists use windows built with in the space to exhibit art work ranging from 2D and 3D art, installations as well as audio and film.
A recent visit to the space showed the works of Catherine Ranger and Danny Frommer. The installations varied from a 3D model of Stonehenge made out of soap bars, newspaper collages with an eerie audio recording and hand drawn comics.
Another unusual piece titled ‘Sub-assembly’ involves various pieces of wood mechanically attached to motors,  moving in a repeated motion.
I recommend if you’re ever in the city to check out the space. There’s always something interesting going on in the window spaces.

This exhibition is on display from 7 Oct to 29 Oct.
For more information about current and future exhibitions and the history about how Public Creative Space got started for artist to show case their work check out the Creative Spaces web site:



  1. widmerannaliese says :

    Those soaps are so cute!
    I find ‘the platform gallery’ cool as well. I always stop and look at each section whenever I pass that way. There is usually really interesting work 🙂 Really well written monique!

  2. enzo pitaro says :

    I love Platform Gallery, every time I leave the station to get to uni, I purposely detour and go through the subway to see the artist work on display. There has been a lot of good work displayed. Good to know you like platform gallery as well 🙂

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