Stop motion animations are something I’ve enjoyed for a while now. There seems to be no limit in objects that can be used or the scale in which you can create a stop motion animation with the largest stop motion animation recently created at 11,000 square feet. Stop motion animations are created by taking a series of photos of a posed subject or objects and then compiling them together to create a motion picture out of the stills or defined as “an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own” wikipedia. One stop animator I really enjoy is ‘Pes’. He has created some ads but mostly does personal work with stop animations. I saw his “Human skateboard” a few years ago at a video art exhibition and thought it was really amusing and awesome. He also has some making of videos for his work.
Pes Animations


A while ago I found this ad which I thought looked cool but even more interesting was finding a video that had the making of the ad. It was very insightful to see the process involved in making the ad from its starting point using story boards to filming the final product.

Yellow Tide Ad

Making of Yellow ‘Tide’ Ad

Some other stop motion videos that I quite enjoy

I’m not big on Cold Play but some of their film clips are quite unique in what they’ve done cinematically

A while ago Target released a series of stop motion ads which I quite enjoyed

Largest stop motion made to date  (There’s also a ‘making of” on this video)

This is just a few starters but there’s loads of  great stop animation to be found on the net 🙂



  1. Louisa Roubin says :

    I really like stop motion too. Phil and usually go and see the short films at Melbourne International Fashion Festival – there were a couple this year which were great. I tried to find them on the internet for you but they’re not coming up. Shame. There was one called Self Service which is set at a supermarket checkout scanner – it was awesome.

  2. mluzza says :

    Yeah it seems to be getting more popular which is good!
    That’s a shame I’m really curios to see them now 🙂 I’m spewing I didn’t go this year because I usually go every year. Me and Jen have made plans that we’re definitely going next year!

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