Chris Cunningham is an English music video film director and video artist who worked on the films ‘Judge Dredd’ and ‘A.I’ before leaving to pursue a career as a director. He has created many of his own short films and video art installations as well as working with many bands and musicians to create film clips and album covers. He’s worked on commercials for Playstation, Gucci, Levis, Nissan and Orange to name a few as well as being involved with photography and has performed visual audio live performances. Chris has done some very interesting and unique things with videos especially in the way he captures movement and the way he cleanly edits a subject to move unusually fast or slow. I like how he edits people to move to the pace and sounds of the music almost like the movement it self is creating the sound. I also found his putting Richard of Aphex Twins face on people in filmclips quite amusing.

Aphex Twins: Come to Daddy

Placebo: 36 Degrees

Portishead: Only You

Rubber Johnny

Gucci Ad

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