I don’t have a preference when it comes to art. There’s a lot of different styles and artist I like so here’s an intro to 2 of the many I like…

I came across Laurie’s artwork  by accident while searching the net. Laurie’s an artiest from New York who has lived and traveled around Europe and USA. She’s developed her own drawing techniques of “building up tone with thousands of fine cross-hatching lines like an egg tempera painting”,  which is why all her works have a crazy amount of detail in them. She’s stated that while “it’s an insane way to draw, the detail and luminosity is worth the amount of effort”, and I agree. I really enjoy her style as well as dark themes she depicts in her work. I recommend you go check out all her other work at her website because she has some really amazing pieces.

I saw Audra’s work a couple of years ago at the Ian Potter Centre. I’ve always had a thing for the use of dolls and toys in art so naturally I loved her work. I also really like how Audra’s presents her sculptures in a 3D collage way. I unfortunately couldn’t find out much information about her.


  1. Stephanie O'Hanlon says :

    Great post, so far Monique! 🙂 I love these pictures especially girls on horse in a frame, it looks ah-amazing and new perspective to me. Even though I am fan of horror things, the picture (skeleton with girl) are all kinda creepy… XD Keep up great post! 😉

  2. thegendesign says :

    Mon, you find the most amazing and quirky artists! Thanks for sharing. You write really well… Keep it up!

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