A recent discussion with some friends about ‘how mannequins freak them out’, reminded me of  this short film I watched a while ago. It’s called ‘Still Life’ and it’s directed by Jon Knautz who has directed quite a few horror films and shorts. I honestly didn’t know who Jon Knautz was until I decided to research who was behind this short film for this blog. As a fan of horror and thriller stuff I’m curios to look into some of his other works but until then I recommend watching this short film. It isn’t your usual unoriginal horror film of things popping out and people randomly getting killed. It’s more of a suspense with a interesting twist at the end. I promise it’s not gory or scary just bizarre. Warning it does have mannequins in it 🙂


  1. jenniferghantous says :

    Mannequins are the devil & they’re out to kill us all!

    On another note, great writing as usual Monique ^^.

  2. Louisa Roubin says :

    I hope this is not the last post ever……………..!

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